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(Apps) Call Spy apk : Record Phone Calls

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This is a really useful app since it records all your phone calls in a neat fashion way. This can be used to record all calls after this app is installed on your android galaxy y phone. Once this is installed, all calls can be reviewed and you can listen to it all over again.

Call Spy apk

I really wanted to share all the useful apps on the market, but due to hectic schedule, I am only able to do it one at a time. I really find this app with a lot of potential.


Call Spy supports recording in MP3 format.
Call Spy has unique feature - audio volume gain control.
All recordings are made using build-in microphone.
It does not record from phone line directly, as most hardware does not support this feature.

Call Spy apk

Call Spy apk

Call Spy apk


This can be used for legal purposes. If someone is threatening you, you can catch the person red-handed.
You can also use this app to record phone calls from your love ones. If your far away from them, you can listen to your love ones all over again without even calling them again.

Have fun guys!!


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