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(Apps) FACEinHOLE : Very Funny App

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Here is one fun app that you will surely love having on your galaxy y. This is a very simple apk that lets you edit the faces of every picture available and have your face edited on the pic instead.


If you have spent most of the time editing pics on photoshop using your PC, you will have that accomplished on this app within minutes! This is so fun that I had lots of my friends fooled by this..

This is so easy to use and so easy to handle. You can now become a superstar without even having to be one in reality. Do whatever you want with this app guys. One of the funniest apps on the market today.




- Easy to use
- Edits within minutes
- Tons of pics to choose from

Sometimes this app fails or force closes but still usable. Hopefully there will be more updates from developers to fix this.


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