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(Games) Championship Karting 2012 3D : Enjoy Karting at its best

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Karting has never been this best. This is a 3D apk that is compatible with our phone. This is probably one of the best sgy games that has potential for karting out there. If you love karting that much then why not try it on your galaxy y?

Championship Karting 2012 3D

You get to control your kart in a racing track and battle it out with AI. Hopefully there will be more updates on this game since its really interesting if your an avid kart fan. This is not free on the market so grab your chance now!

Key Features:
A great selection of different tracks to test your driving skills.
2 modes: tournament and free race
3 different types of events to challenge you in tournament mode: race, time attack and eliminate.
Unlock new events and karts by winning races and collecting cash.
Fill your trophy cabinet by completing all the race achievements.
Great music and sounds creates the big race atmosphere.

Here are some screenshots:

Championship Karting 2012 3D

Championship Karting 2012 3D

Championship Karting 2012 3D

Prove you are king of the go-kart track in this thrilling racer!
There are a number of challenging tracks to test your driving skills to the max and two racing modes: tournament and quick race. 

In tournament mode you can unlock new events and karts by completed a number of exhilarating challenges, while practice your driving skills in quick race mode. Whizz around the track, overtake your rivals and make sure you are first to the finish line to pick up the Championship Karting crown!

This game keeps getting better and better as you unlock additional karts and features as the game progress.


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