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(Games) Agent Dash Cheat Hack : 1M gems and character unlock

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This is the all character and objectives unlock cheat for agent dash!
If you're getting fond now of playing agent dash and really wanted to take full advantage of the game, I can help you with that. As an avid gamer too, we on iplaygalaxyy are finding ways to make things easier for you guys.

Agent Dash Cheat Hack

This cheat is not intended for you to use if you really want to play the game yourself. You won't enjoy the game fully if you apply this cheat. So guys its for you to decide whether or not to apply this.

What will this cheat do?

-Will add up 1,000,000 gems (1 million gems) to your character
- unlock all the characters and levels  or objectives

What do I need?
You will need a rooted phone of course..

ROOT EXPLORER and Titanium backup PRO (search the apps on this site)

Once you have the too requirements done.. Here's what you need to download

backup your game save data so that if ever there will be complications, you won't have any worries on restoring lost data.

1. Download the zip file above
2. unzip using root explorer and place it on sdcard/TitaniumBackup
3. Launch titanium backup pro app and look for the agent dash app. tap restore and then tap on restore data only.
See screenshots below

Agent Dash Cheat Hack

Launch the game and enjoy the changes!


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