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(Games) Alien TD HD : Be on your Battle mode!

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This is a very nice battle game as it focuses on easy controls and nice game play. This is one of those defense games that you get to play as a military commander and protect yourself against alien attacks!

Alien TD HD

One of the things I loved about this game is the graphics. It is smooth and well detailed and probably a game that you will surely love. This was just released 2012, so better grab your copy now!


Alien TD HD

Alien TD HD


Game features:
1.Rich background story designed 15 different levels, divided into two kinds of difficulty of the game
2.Easy game mode of operation: tap the screen can only
3.Smooth and perfect game
4.Innovative game
5.Game similar to Warcraft Battle mode, you more sense of accomplishment

Game Description from Google Play:

2012 the most innovative TD game "Alien TD HD" android release, if you are a TD game lovers, this is absolutely not to be missed! "Alien TD HD" by the game developers Ghohst After six months of carefully crafted a heavyweight TD game. In the game, you will play a military commander and the construction of a variety of turrets to deal with the alien attack, your wisdom will give full play to deal with a variety of special circumstances, the last victory, you will get an unprecedented sense of accomplishment !

Have Fun Guys!


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