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(Video) Proof that the Puppet War:FPS ep.1 Works

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This is a video taken by my friend when we were playing puppet war:fps ep.1 on galaxy y. Some people claim that this force closes when loading on first level. Yes that's true! But there is a way to bypass the error. Usually this happens since Graphics on our phone is not enough to run the game normally.

Puppet War:FPS ep.1

Since this is one app that seems to interest everybody. I will show a video that proves this working on galaxy y. Remember that we test games before posting and if it doesn't work then we will surely post about it on game posts. That's why it's important to read before commenting.

This game runs smoothly on galaxy y. The only thing is that the response time for turning is not so good but still playable.

What you need to do:
- install game (Make sure it says installation successful)
- use chainfire3d
- go to default settings and tick on reduce texture size and quality and choose qualcomm as plugin (make sure you fix market after setting the settings) then restart phone
- once game starts, go to options and reduce the HUD to 0% (you need to do this everytime you play the game, it tends to go back to 100% everytime game restarts). Disable all sounds first. (you can enable sounds back once you bypass the loading FC.


You can download the game here



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