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(Games) Extreme Luging 3D BETA version

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This app is developed by unlimitedx and is still on beta version. But even if it's still not fully developed, it shows a lot of potential. A well done Beta and probably if fully developed, will turn into one of the most interesting sled games for android.

Extreme Luging 3D BETA version

One of the best sled apps on the android market today. It's really funny yet there's a slight of brutality in it that we tend to love. 

You will need to control the sled over the mountains and try to reach the finish line without any accidents. It's really tricky since controls are not really that bad, but still okay.


Extreme Luging 3D BETA version

Extreme Luging 3D BETA version

Extreme Luging 3D BETA version

Extreme Luging 3D BETA version

Please play the game using chainfire 3D
- tick reduce texture size
- reduce texture quality
- use qualcom

Features :
★ 12 levels
★ It's possible to do scores.
★ 3D physics game with stick man on a sled.
★ feel the speed (max : 80 meters/seconde)
★ freedom in all environments and various environnements.
★ awesome sounds effects
★ character disarticulable + blood
★ Awesome first person camera!

Play the game without using the internet or wifi since ads pop out and may annoy you.
This game has only 90 reviews but I'm amazed that it got a 4.1 score.

Really has great potential.


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