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(Game) Ricochet Assasin

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             There are tons of apps like these on the android market today and I find this one interesting since it actually allows you do to tricks that requires skills in accuracy. This is a very nice game that made hits on iOS (iphone) and has now already crawled its way to android.

Ricochet Assasin

                        You will play as a rambo like hero which needs to fight back military forces to reasons that we really don't know. Why do we even care?! Play the game and have as much fun as possible!!


Ricochet Assasin

Ricochet Assasin


You have always dreamt to try shooting but you don’t have any weapon... So we provide you with this opportunity in our game. Pick up the bullets and shoot, shoot, shoot!!! Give the way out for your abilities. Use your arsenal wisely.

The player manages his character who kills the enemies with the gun. Check the accuracy of your shooting! You are to plan the killing of your enemies at every level. Think thoroughly before just shoot – as you have a limited number of bullets.

.The plot of this game can keep you interested for many hours and even days. The complexity of each following level steadily increases and you will have to “break your brain” how to pass them At first it is not difficult to kill enemies, but later appear various obstacles that you need to overcome.

Good music and realistic sound effects will not allow you to feel bored playing this game. Listen to the sweet screams of your victims, explosion of the bombs, ricochets of bullets and a lot more.
The game combines precise control and realistic graphics, colorific enemies, and variety of obstacles. Every new level differs impressively from the previous one.


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raid shaikh said...

this game is not installing on my galaxy y