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(Games) Spiderman Total Mayhem Level 9 Fix (Octarama forcle close fix)

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            It's very frustrating that we get force close error message when starting up this level. I was getting a lot of PM asking how to fix this. This was actually fixed by using some simple tactics to fool our device. The level simply is not for Armv6 devices but you can simply fool the device by changing build.prop.

Octarama forcle close fix

The game is simply playable by applying it with chainfire3D pro. But when you reach the mentioned level above, it suddenly gets a force close message. Please read terms and conditions before applying this. You can simply revert back but please make a backup of the file just in case.

You will need rootexplorer for this: LINK

- root your phone
- open root explorer
- go to sdcard/system
- change r/w to r/o
- look for build.prop
- long press it to pull out the options
- open in text editor

change the values listed on the file below

I really don't know where this fix originated but who ever had this first, thanks to them.

Once this fix is implemented, you can now play the level but it really is soooo laggy but still playable. What you need to do is to just trust your instincts and jump a lot during the boss level.

Please be guided accordingly and please.. always make a backup.


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