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(Games) Agent Dash armv6 apk : no Lags..

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 Everyone probably is familiar with Agent Dash. This is a game for android that is similar to temple run but shows no lags on galaxy y. Since this is a armv6 game, it is more developed in terms of graphics and sound. And whats the good news? It shows no lags like temple run does to our  phone.

Agent Dash armv6 apk

A decent game for sgy that gave me more than what I expected to get. I experienced more fun and excitement than most running games out there and I am happy that this game has no lags at all.

You don't need to root your phone. Just play the game normally. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to destroy as many villainous bases as you can! Sprint through gorgeous environments, using secret agent skills to evade every hazard the evil megalomaniacs can throw at you, from laser beams and falling trees to skidding trucks and fiery lava.

Agent Dash armv6 apk

Agent Dash armv6 apk

Agent Dash armv6 apk

Agent Dash armv6 apk

Use spy gadgets to help you on your way; equip jetpacks, parachutes and even slow down time! When the going gets too tough, call in support from a back-up agent! And when the time comes, draw your weapons and pull the trigger to destroy the base and make your escape as the building crumbles around you.
Compete with your Facebook friends. Hone your skills and sharpen your reactions to make the perfect run and become Top Agent!


Mediafire link Here

★ Compete with your Facebook friends 

★ Intuitive controls
★ Stunning visuals

★ Explosive gameplay
★ Awesome audio

★ Gadgets galore and much, much more! 

For cheats go here

For a video proof that it runs smooth go here


5 (mga) puna:

Dhenchongdee Smithers said...

Please upload on Mediafire. :)

Dhenchongdee Smithers said...

Please upload on Mediafire. :)

julie duran said...

done.. links updated for you

MrKen said...

no lags? u sure??? why i can't play? it's still very lag

Christine Briones said...

Thanks julie, the game run smooth on your overclocked galaxy y that I won on your site! lags a little but still okay