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(Bootanimation) Bios bootanimation

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Here's a weird but cool bootanimation that will interest you guys. This is a called bios bootanimation and it works on galaxy y. Please give credits to dev and read terms and conditions before installing.

Bios bootanimation

Feel free to install this on your galaxy y. Just make sure to always make a backup of your default bootanimation found in system/app. Use rootexplorer to extract and do the backup process.

I find older, I mean mature people actually saying stuff about phone's today when comparing to what they had years ago. They keep mentioning that mobile phones today are like computers. Well they are correct about that but not as powerful as desktop computers though.

So to fully satisfy the idea, Here is one that will make it look closer to the concept.

Just flash this using stock recovery or cwm.


Another way to install

1. Download zip and use compression tool to extract from one of the folders a zip named

2. move the extracted file to system/apps on the phone and set permissions to rw r r

3. Reboot and enjoy


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