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(Games) Zenonia 4 Cheat Hacks (Tutorial)

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Zenonia 4 is probably the most well known among RPG games today. You can download the modded unlimited zen version of the game on this site too!

Zenonia 4 Cheat Hacks

We have compiled some of the working hacks and compiled it to share it with you guys! You can do whatever you want with this hacks but please be careful as it might damage the phone. Joke. This includes all tutorial on tested hacks on the app. Have fun!

You will need gameCIH2 for this. Download gameCIH2 on this site too. Just search for it or go HERE.

There are basically 4 cheat hacks compiled here

1. Download here for EXP gain hack : LINK
2. Download here for Super Stats Hack : LINK
3. The most useful SuperMoney Hack : LINK
4. How to modify Item Cheat : LINK

Hopefully this helped... Enjoy the game and have fun!


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