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(Games) X-Runner : Space Runner Game

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Hello Guys,

           Everyone has a need for speed. Although not all of us can make this true in reality, we can somehow experience this kind of rush while playing games. This is an android game that lets you do this in a futuristic way.


This is an android space runner game! You goal is to set off running in a barrage of obstacles. You will need to dodge, jump over space bridges and make sure that your character doesn't crash. More like temple run, it seems.

I really don't know why there are many games like temple run this days, and why developers make games with the same concept. However, I find this game interesting since it is on a different environment and there are lots of new places where your character can run.

Collect gems along the way to purchase upgrades. Upgrades can  be tricky since since you can end up purchasing upgrade you don't want instead of the things that you want for the character.





# Tilt phone to control
# Tap on screen to jump
# Collect invincible powerup to break any barrier
# Collect invisible powerup to go through barriers
# Magnet helps you absorb the coins on the way
# Sprint makes you an invincible runner
# More than 40 achievements to be unlocked

This game lags so better play it with chainfire3d PRO

- tick reduce texture quality
- tick reduce texture size
- use qualcomm

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