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(Tweaks) Tutorial on how to extend battery life on galaxy y

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This tutorial is actually not focused on galaxy y only. Rather, it can be applied to all android phones. Since stock battery doesn't really help extend our use on the phone, we need to do some steps ourselves to save much energy as we can. (We're pro earth) he he no joke.

extend battery life on galaxy y
This is a simple and basic tutorial on how to save battery on your cellphone. Since most android phones have this issue, it is actually no wonder why most people are waiting for updates from cellphone manufacturers to improve battery life.

Let's just admit, having a smartphone is really heavy on battery. Since it uses a lot of applications to run, it drains more power than needed. What we need to focus is to turn off unnecessary applications so that phone consumption will be focused on important things only.

1. Try out a few ROMs to see which combination works best for keeping Android run as long as possible.

You need to install a light custom rom if you want a custom rom installed. If not, best to keep on stock rom.

2. Disabling bootanimation

Some consider bootanimations takes up battery life. You can disable this by simply deleting on system/app folder. (optional but not really recommended). This allows the phone to boot up much faster instead of playing the bootanimation file which consumes power through graphics.

3. Decrease the system load by automatically killing apps you no longer use.

This one gives a fair battery boost. By default, Android keeps all apps ready in RAM even if you press Home or Back to exit them to make them start quickly next time you need them and to keep their state. Most apps have a suspend mode which enables them to demand close to zero system resources as they run in the background, but some don't and close to zero isn't zero.

Download and install Automatic Task Killer (free) from the Market.
It gives you a list of the installed apps and enables you to uncheck those you don't want to autokill. It can also add your new apps to the list automatically.

Don't forget to uncheck applications you need to be running constantly, such as SetCPU if you are controlling cpu frequencies

4. Decrease the CPU performance when it doesn't need to perform at full speed.

You can root your phone, install a custom kernel that supports control of cpu frequencies and install an app that has the gui to do that. Setting the cpu performance to low when not needed allows the cpu of the phone to rest a bit, thus allowing optimum power saving.

5. Decrease the brightness of your display.

This is the most significant thing to do. Since reducing brightness allows the phone screen to consume less energy than needed.

7. Only use wireless functions when needed.

Having the mobile data connection, wifi, GPS or bluetooth enabled all the time causes severe battery drain. Sometimes even after you disconnect, the data connection connects again without you even knowing. Better use only when needed.

8. Wipe Battery stats: battery calibration (probably works)

This is to erase all records of your battery consumption on your phone and lets you refresh with a new one.

You will need Custom recovery or cwm for this (find in tweaks page)

- Fully drain your battery, play some games, music, etc..
- Let your battery cool for at least 2 minutes
- Restart phone to remove residual charge ( it will boot only halfway)
- After the phone shuts down remove battery and let it cool for at least 2 minutes.
- Re insert battery and charge your phone in OFF mode.
- After the phone reaches 100% charge boot into recovery (Power+Home+Volume_up button) then use cwm (download from tweaks page.
- choose advance option
- Wipe battery stats
- Press Power/Back and Reboot your phone
- Wait till the phone reaches 100% charge and disconnect charger

not to be used always since it will possibly brick your phone

9. Disable unnecessary apps

I really don't believe much in battery saving apps since it runs on background (it also takes battery life). Just disable live wallpapers.. etc.. you can also try disabling sounds.

What DOESN'T improve battery life:
Getting a slower (and thus presumably less power-consuming) SD Card – because a slower SD card actually makes things worse as it needs more time to perform a task and thus keep the CPU busy a longer time.
Underclocking your CPU too much – similar reasons
Killing tasks automatically immediately after closing them – this apparently makes battery life worse, because when a program is in RAM, it doesn't consume system resources, but when you run it again, it does.

10. Install some battery tweaks

- There are lots of battery tweaks on this site for build.prop. Just install them..


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