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(Theme) SharinganMOD v2

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Please read terms and conditions before installing and give credits to dev. This is a beautiful theme that you can simply apply on chobits rom v1 or v2. You can also install this theme on creeds v2 or v2.1. A very nice theme that is really good looking.

SharinganMOD v2

One of the best Mods I ever had on my phone and will probably still be until I find something more interesting.


What's New (Modified):

* Google Music
* Dialertab Activity
* Notification
* Gallery
* My Files
* Settings
* Systemui
* Framework-res

More added:

* New Bootanimation + Start-up Sound
* Wallpapers (see in sdcard wallpapers&lockscreen folder)
* Notification ringtone (check in settings/sound/notification ringtone) file name blade slice


* Simple (Flash using Stock Recovery) Wait till 2-3 minutes to boot and
your done..


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