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(Apps) Game Guardian : The long Lost Cheat app

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Ever Heard of GameCIH? Well this actually works the same as with that but is less detectable and will work on most games that you wanted to cheat on. If you are playing a game and have difficulty passing a level, then you will have no choice but to cheat.

Game Guardian

This will actually let you edit values that will make you own the game. Be responsible in using this app. Seems like this app cannot be found on the market anymore so I am sharing it again on this site so that you will know the wonders that Game Guardian app can make.

Like I said this will enable you to edit values and whats more is that you can also lock them values which is good if you want permanent life. He he he

Game Guardian

Just mess with the app and you will notice that its really simple to use.

GameGuardian can display 3 different values:
1-byte - Ranges from: 0 - 255
2-byte - Ranges from: 0 - 65535
4-byte - Ranges from: 0 - 4294967295

Values Explained:
1-byte (0-255): Games usually use this to define a "Yes" or "No" function, such as "is shooting." (but could be anything else.. is running, is jumping.. etc)
(If you set "is jumping" to 1, character will always be on air, which means it will be flying) 0 = No, 1 = Yes
2-bytes (0 - 65535): Similar to 4-bytes, just that it can't store values as high as 4-bytes.
4-bytes (0 - 4294967295):This is what you are usually looking for. For example, addresses that governs gold, ammo or even lives are usually 4-bytes values.

You will need wifi or internet connection to lock on values since there is an ad banner that you need to click to apply the changes.

Give this a try. This has more useful functions than the lite version GameCIH i think..


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