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(Tweaks) How to Clean Micro USB port on Galaxy Y

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This happens when you had your phone for quite a while and had been plugging through your usb a thousand times already. This results in the usb port having all the dirt that results in the charger not being able to properly fit anymore.

Clean Micro USB port on Galaxy Y

Sometimes it will also cause the post to come loose. This is a tutorial on how to clean it properly so that everything will fit correctly again and your usb port will properly read.

This does not regard the cable shown above but the port where you connect it to the phone.

Clean Micro USB port on Galaxy Y

It will look like image above. you will need to pay close attention to the red areas above. This actually is the important areas which you need to clean thoroughly to make sure that the connections are fixed and would not come loose.

You may use either one of these materials
1. toothpick
2. safety pin
3. some kind of thin plastic stick.

Buff the tips of those materials with a sandpaper until they will be small enough to fit the openings.

Once done try reaching out on the red areas above and the one shown below for the port that is colored bue.

Clean Micro USB port on Galaxy Y

I prefer to use the plastic stick. But if it is really hard to clean you may use the other two. Just be careful that for the toothpick to not break inside the port and for the safety pin not to break anything inside.

Very useful tips and tricks.

Have fun with your phone!.


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