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(Games) Death Racing 3D : Amazing 3D Racing Game

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I Really wonder why a lot of armv6 apps on market is not compatible with galaxy y. You can't download this on market but I finally got a hold of the apk to test it and it simply was amazing! No lags and it was so smooth, you could slide through it..  just joking.

Death Racing 3D

Death racing is an amazing 3D racing game that is similar to a lot of racing games out there. But the difference is there is a lot more graphic differences that you can simply tell by just playing it. One of the recommended games for you guys!

This game has simply controls that even a child can play it. Although I feel like one myself most of the time.. :-)

Unlock more cars as you progress.. More challenging and more exciting levels awaits you. 3D graphics and excellent sounds is also one of the highlights on this game


Death Racing 3D

Death Racing 3D

Death Racing 3D


Simple Controls:
* Tilt to turn
* Touch to accelerate

* Keep accelerating to multiply scores. The number on top right is the KEY
* Beware of indicators. Other vehicles might turn left or right. Make your way through traffic
* Unlock more advanced cars to gain extra lives.


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