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(Themes) Xperia S Wallpapers

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Finally, I got my hands on a the wallpaper set for Xperia S. This is a great collection of HD wallpapers that you can use of course on your galaxy y phones.

Xperia S Wallpapers

Just download the file which is actually a zip file and extract contents on your sd card. I really love these wallpapers not only because its really nice, it also is simple as well. To extract, simply download an app from market like root explorer to extract or simply extract using PC.

Do whatever you want with this wallpaper pack. Edit, install, delete it.. hehe joke. I know you guys will also love this.


Xperia S Wallpapers

Xperia S Wallpapers

Xperia S Wallpapers

Xperia S Wallpapers

Xperia S Wallpapers

For changing wallpapers, here's what you need to do:

1. from home screen, long press the home screen until options pops out or simple tap on menu to bring out options
2. select wallpaper
3. select home screen wallpaper
4. choose from any pictures on gallery
5. set preferred measurements
6. Enjoy!!

Have fun guys!


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facebook messenger 2.7.1 apk download said...

the above wallpapers for Xperia S is too good....

Stephanie E. Silvas said...

i already use this theme. admin extra features add in this app.
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Facebook Messenger APK said...

this wallpaper is very good for Xperia S