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(Video) How to flash back to stock rom using odin

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             We will keep things simple and straight forward. This is a video tutorial guide on how to use odin to install or revert back to stock rom. Sure way to fix phone if ever you're phone got bricked or your stuck on the samsung boot logo.

flash back to stock rom using odin

The steps are simple and really easy to follow. Just make sure you read terms and conditions before following this. Welcome noobs and for experts lay down your guns and let the noobs now what to do.

One of the things you need to have is odin 1.84 and the firmware packages.

You can download this files needed on the link below

LINK - also includes the visual tutorial and written guide

Just follow the steps to install. Don't be confused since files on certain packages are not the same. There are some that only has 3 files on it. There are also 5 files but don't worry since files have names that lets you know where to place it.


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