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(Apps) Aegislab Antivirus Elite : Protect your Galaxy Y against malware

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This is a very comprehensive and useful tool to protect your mobile phone against malicious and dangerous apps and games. This actually detects and prevents unauthorized access to the phone which is really useful if your safety weary.

Aegislab Antivirus Elite

One of the most recognized and trusted antivirus apps for android today. This will help keep your phone safe as long as this is installed. Brought to you free from iPlayGalaxyY. This app has many useful features that will be up to you to discover.

(1). Scan Mobile Malware:
•Scan for suspicious APPs (Spyware , Trojan , Virus, Malware, Attack Tool, Authorization, Privacy,Remote Control ) or ads on device and SD card (automatically or on demand).
•Support Scan SD card
•Support Auto-Schedule Scan
•Support Auto-Update Signature Schedule
•Malware Database covers more than 1500+ GEINIMI/PJAPPS/DroidDream/zsone/ADRD/Fake10086/and etc malware instances.

•Erase Personal Information Remotely
•Device Lock remotely
•GPS Location remotely for missing device
(3)Database Search Before Installation
•Query remotely, quickly and efficient
•Detect malware in advance
(4).Privacy Protection & Anti-Phising:
• Contact Backup & Restore (automatically or on demand)
* Check and block phishing URL inside SMS.


Aegislab Antivirus Elite

Aegislab Antivirus Elite

Aegislab Antivirus Elite


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