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(Games) Bad Nerd - Open World RPG 3D : Prepare for Nerd Revenge!

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In my country, we are celebrating this month as anti-bullying month. This app actually don't represent anything like that since violence begets violence. But what if you've been bullied and just want to take revenge? Why not do it on a game?

Bad Nerd - Open World RPG 3D

 If you are a fan of modern action RPGs with lots of fighting then you will love Bad Nerd!
Join Bad Nerd in his quest to rid the school of bullies! You will be fighting all sorts of bullies, taking their lunch money to upgrade yourself with a wide range of weapons and armor!


Bad Nerd - Open World RPG 3D

Bad Nerd - Open World RPG 3D

Bad Nerd - Open World RPG 3D

Bad Nerd - Open World RPG 3D

This game also has Multiplayer online mode but sad to say its still in Beta stage so there is lots of bugs present. There is also an online arena that features those who want to fight online against real people with nerd characters from the game!


- Fresh new modern settings
- Over 50 quests, and still growing
- Loads of items such as weapons, armor, gadgets, etc..
- Simple inventory and shop system
- Over 30 bully beating moves
- Simple control system
- Visually stimulating characters that you'd want to beat up
- Multiplayer Online Arena (BETA)
- Continuously growing game, much more updates coming

- Merge the multiplayer feature into the core of the game so that this becomes an MMORPG instead of just an RPG with death match smacked on top of it! 
- Add more stuff to do in the school, like play with toys, or do homework, things that keep you entertained.



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