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(Video) Tutorial on how to reset bin counter

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What will you do if had messed up the phone's hardware one day and you had already tried to customized your phone? Of course you will be unrooting it and then you will try to restore it to stock rom.

reset bin counter

Then you might think that you're off the hook and will go directly to the nearest service center and have the device warrantied. Think again. Samsung is much more clever than you think.

Ways to check if phone has not been customized which will directly affect phone's warranty:

- rooted
- custom rom installed
- Bin counter

Bin counter is the last thing you need to check before returning phone to get the 1 year warranty. This can be checked by rebooting phone to download mode (power +home + volume down).

The more you install custom kernels and customize your phone, the higher the counter will get and you will have 0 chances of getting your warranty.

To solve this, you will need to reset bin counter to 0

This is a video tutorial guide:
to see the written tutorial go here

Please read terms and conditions before doing this.


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