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(Apps) Gangnam Style Horse Dance : All about Gangnam Style

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Currently, the song gangnam style by PSY is really going viral on the internet. Almost all the children here knows how to dance and sing the song which I really don't understand. So out of curiosity, I tried to seek an app that has a lot to offer about it. 

Gangnam Style Horse Dance

I Found this app which provides all the necessary information about the song, characters and actions. If you're a fan of PSY then this is the app that you will need.

■ Your Style Test,
■ Gangnam Style How to Dance,
■ Gangnam Style M/V,
■ Gangnam Style Characters,
■ etc..


Gangnam Style Horse Dance

Gangnam Style Horse Dance

Gangnam Style Horse Dance

This app will tell you how to dance the gangnam way. Also has information about the characters and videos of latest performances by PSY which is a great thing.

If you like this app, then download it and install.

You will need to go deeper on your English vocabulary since I really don't understand the dance description well. He he. But if you repeat reading the instructions, you will somehow get a slight idea though..


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