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(Apps) Chikka Text Messenger : Free SMS

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If you're from the Philippines, you probably had a great chance to hear a lot from chikka. Chikka is a messenger app that lets you have 100 free load each day. If you ran out of load, you can use your internet connection to send free sms each day to your love once.
Chikka Text Messenger

Chikka - Still the best way to send free SMS to the Philippines, now on Android.

Chikka Text Messenger for Android let’s you send text messages to the Philippines for FREE and allows Philippine mobile subscribers to reply to you instantly for as low as PHP0.50/sms.

Living in the Philippines is really great if you want this app.


Chikka Text Messenger

Chikka Text Messenger


We recommend that you register your Philippine Mobile Number when using Chikka Text Messenger so you may continue to receive Chikka messages on your mobile phone in case you go offline.

 If you do not have a Philippine Mobile Number, create a non-Mobile account using your email address and enjoy Chikka texting with your friends and family in the Philippines.


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