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(review) Shimi robot : music companion

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I saw this music player robot on tv and was amazed on its new capabilities that is designed by tovbot for daily consumer's like us.


This is actually a robot that will play your music when you plug it on your smartphone. It then dances to the tune of the music when funny feet and head movements.

It also recognizes beats made by your hand. For example, if you places the robot on the table and tap a beat, it then searches your music database and plays the most similar music that has the beat.

It also doubles as facebook, twitter and other social a
pp announcer. It will notify you when you will recieve a new message.

Voice recognition is also enabled so you can give commands using your voice. You can also teach the bot a few moves! can't wait to get one of these onced released on market.

downsides is that we still don't know if it takes a lot of battery since it only uses the phone as its power source .


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