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(Tweaks) How to edit build.prop to enhance ram consumption

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This is actually a tweak that will enhance your phone's capabilities to manage ram usage. What it mainly does is lower phone's consumption of ram by using only a small portion of it to run system apps. Reports proved that ram usage can even reach only 79mb.

edit build.prop to enhance ram consumption

Read terms and conditions before installing. Always make a back up too.

To use this you will need to have a rooted phone and the root explorer app (download on apps page).

- Run root explorer
- go to system folder
- look for r/w and tap to change it to r/o
- look for file that is called build.prop
- long press the file and open it in text editor
- add this on the last part of the texts.


(Line can be found under all tweaks like v6 etc but if you just don't want to gamble with those, you can add this one only)

- Once done adding the required text at the bottom of the build.prop lines, restart your phone

edit build.prop to enhance ram consumption

After doing steps I got the amount of ram as shown above with 5 apps running in background.


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